It’s the biggest exhibition in the area of big dimensions charges.


Fernando Caracciolo, manager of International lines of Boluda Lines, has been present in the Breakbulk Europe, celebrated in the city of Anvers, and that have reunite the main world actors of the sector of conventional charge, heavy-lift, project cargo and ro-ro.

Fernando Caracciolo has represented Boluda Corporación Marítima in its different shipping activities, consignee and transitory, containers terminals and port and ocean going towage.

Breakbulk Europe brings together ship-owner, operators and stevedores during 3 days, combining the exhibition facet with the conferences and the specialized seminars, and manages to congregate more than 4000 professionals.

Boluda Lines, is specialized in special charges and project cargo, offering a huge variety of containers for dry charges as well as cool and frozen one.

Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding lend a service of consignee, transitory, maritime agency, customs services, logistic, distribution and storage.

In its hand Boluda Towage and Salvage, provides services of ocean going and port towage in the Peninsula, Canary Islands, France, West Coast of Africa, Central and South America, being a leader company in its sector, with one of the biggest fleet in the international market.

Through Boluda Terminales Marítimas several terminals are ran along all the Spanish and Occidental African Coast in its activity of load, unload, consignees, passenger terminals, storage, manipulation and shift of containers and any kind of merchandises, with the objective to improve and develop the national port infrastructures.

Breakbulk Europe