The contents of the remittance have been analgesics, antiseptics, cortisones, antibiotics and material of first aid.

Boluda Corporación Marítima has sent to a Senegal 10 kilos of medicines and material of first aid. The donation has been made to the orphanage La Pouponnière, in which Javier Sesma, delegate of Boluda Lines in Dakar, is part of the board of directors and collaborates regularly.

La Pouponnière of Dakar, which origins go back to 1955 is an orphanage founded by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary and ruled already during 40 years, by the sister Sor Justina de Miguel. Its objective is to welcome babies whose mothers die in the moment of the birth and families can’t take care of them or who are abandoned. When they are one year old the babies goes back with their families, are giving up in adoption or go to centers or orphanages like Aldeas Infantiles, SOS Village, or Nuevo Futuro. Normally there are more than 80 babies who are welcomed in La Pouponnière.

The Sister Sor Justina de Miguel has received and thank the remittance, that suppose to the orphanage a guarantee to be able to administrate medical treatment for a big while, to the children as well as their adult familiars.

Senegal is a country in way of development and many times it’s really hard to accede to the more basic medicines, even more if they are of last generation, like the ones contained in the remittance made by Boluda Corporación Marítima.

Donación de medicinas