Made transport of pieces of big sizes as well as groupage, for volumes reduce of charges.

Boluda Lines, division in charge of the maritime transport of  Boluda Corporación Marítima continue to offer its services of transport of special charges with destination to West Africa, giving answer to the needs of expansion that are taking place in the area, transporting road charges and project charges from Zeebruge, Le Havre, Vigo, Setúbal, Barcelona and Sevilla. Also, through our port hub of Las Palmas, we have intermediate in specials operations coming from Canada and USA and, at these moment, we culminate a special operation from Brazil to Cap Verde.

The specialization of Boluda Lines in this kind of charges is determinate by the huge parc of special equipments it has and the versatility of its boats, where it is able to combine containerized charge with the road one and Project Cargo.

Then, a service of groupage has been created, with the finality to give services to little enterprises of support and maintenance that do not transport big volumes.

In the area of West África, Boluda Lines is offering 6 stopovers at month with the port of Nouakchott and Nouadhibou, 3 stopovers at month with the port of Dakar and Agadir, and 2 stopovers at month with the port of Mindelo (Cap Verde), as well as its connections with the peninsula and Italy.

Carga Verónica B