They took part in the maneuvers of the Juan Sebastián El Cano, school ship of the Spanish Navy and of the Américo Vespucci, school ship of the Italian Navy.

The tugs VB Cádiz y VB Jerez from the fleet of Boluda Towage and Salvage, took part on the maneuvers of docking and exit of the two big school ship from the spanish and italian navy, Juan Sebastián el Cano y Américo Vespucci respectively, in occasion of the bicentenary of the Spanish Constitution, have participate in the Great Race, that took place in the waters of Cadiz.

Nearly half hundred of big ships have participated in the competition that due to its spectacular way, have concentrated thousands of spectators in the bay of Cádiz.

The sailing ships leave this Sunday to La Coruña.

Gran regata Cádiz