The operation which took part “door to door” has been coordinated by the department of international lines of the division.

Boluda Lines, division dedicated to the transport of goods of Boluda Corporación Marítima, through its service of special charges Project cargo has successfully done the transfer of material to Mauritania for the new port which it is going to be built in Nouadhibou the second biggest city of the country.

The operation executed “door to door” has been coordinated by the department of international lines of the division, due to the complexity of the volumes and weights (heavy machinery, mashers, trucks, etc..).

This merchandise has been taken in the place where it has been built ( El Vendrell-Tarragona) to be translated by road in a first time to the port of Barcelona where thanks to special cranes it has been loaded in the container ship Beatriz B belonging to the fleet of Boluda Lines.

This boat has done the usual trip to Las Palmas of Gran Canaria where the merchandise has been transshipped in the terminal of La Luz to the container ship Vero B, which made the final trip to the destination port: Nouadhibou.  Special means have been taken in Las Palmas for its transship, using for it rolls trailers of 40 feet with a capacity enough for those extra measures ( pieces of 14 meters long, 3,5 meters large and 40 tons of weight per unit) the service of Project Cargo of Boluda Lines allows the transport of special cargo ( big size, heavy weight, special sizes, helicopter, road merchandise, etc…).which size is different from the normal sizes containerized or which required a special treatment, making easier by the way the terrestrial and maritime movements of any king of goods and offering a service door to door to its customers.

Puerto Mauritania