Three tugs working in the company helped the fire and evacuation of the fire that caused more than a dozen wounded

Three tugs Boluda Towage and Salvage, a division of towing and marine salvage of Boluda Corporación Marítima, have worked in the work of extinguishing the fire at the Port of Gibraltar. The incident occurred on burning two tanks containing oil residues and whose fire caused a large explosion in one of the docks, causing more than a dozen wounded.

Given the progress of the fire, due to wind and weather conditions which greatly hindered the extinction, the crew of the tugs Sertosa Veintisiete and VB Siroco attended the call, for 15 straight hours, tasks performed by throwing fire-fighting water and foam from the sea. Meanwhile, the tug VB Algeciras helped support the work of the other two boats, for just over three hours.

The fire, caused a few meters from the cruise terminal, also affected the “Independence of the Sea” a tourist cruise ship docked in port. Thirteen passengers were also hit by the blast and had to be treated with fractures and injuries of varying degrees. Despite the thick cloud of smoke, it was not necessary to evacuate the locals.

Boluda Fleet Salvage and Towage, comprising more than 200 boats scattered all over the world, is equipped with the most innovative systems in fire fighting and pollution. The speed and quality of its operations and its powerful tugboats have made this division at number one in the industry and a benchmark for towing services worldwide.