More than hundred companies have participated in the II fair of The Atlantic exhibition of Logistic and Transport (SALT in Spanish) where the keys of the future of the sector have been analyzed.

In the last years Boluda Corporation Marítima, has increased its presence in the canaries archipelago through the extension and the improvement of the maritime connections of transport of goods and the inversions in port terminal.

Boluda Corporación Marítima has taken part for the second following year in the Atlantic exhibition of Logistic and Transport (SALT in Spanish) which took place in Las Palmas and where at least hundred companies related with the logistic and port sector met. Boluda has been present with its own stand where it has offered information about all the maritime connections rendered by the company, the activity of the terminal la Luz and its competitive advantages as well as the possibilities of growth in the islands as port hub.

Beside, Fernando Caracciolo, manager of international lines of Boluda Lines has participated in one of the workshops organised in the fair institution of the Canaries. During its intervention Caracciolo has enhanced the value acquired by the Canary Archipelago in the last years as a logistic connection platform between the three continents: Europe, Africa and American, being a strategic enclave in the Maritimes routes through the Atlantic.

Nowadays Boluda lines counts with six routes of transport of goods that connect the Canaries with the countries of West Africa and the Iberian Peninsula and Italy. Boluda Corporation Maritima is also present in the Canary archipelago through its divisions of Boluda Towage and Salvage (towing), Boluda Tankers (oil suppliers) Boluda Ship Agency ¬ forwarding (transitory, consignee, storage, custom agency, etc) and Boluda Terminales maritimas. 

Caracciolo wanted to highlight the inversions Boluda Corporation Maritima has made not only in the Canary Islands through the extension and the improvement of the roads of transport of goods and the administration of port terminals but also in the enclaves of West Africa in which it is present ( Senegal, Morocco, Mauritania) in effects of the implantation of agencies, Dockers, consignees, own offices, and the consistent generation of local job that has supposed for the area.

This meeting has served also to present a novelty of Boluda Lines like the future starting of the new line of transport of goods between the Canary archipelago and Green Cape.