Vicente Boluda Fos has been elected chairman of the Valencian association of businessmen during the assembly which took place the last 28th of January and who counted with the presence of distinguished members of the Business and political valencian World and with more than hundred associates.  All of them wanted with their presence give support to the appointment of Boluda who succeed in that way to Francisco Pons (after eight years in front of the organization) as new chairman of the employers’ association.

During its intervention, Vicente Boluda wanted to focus in the importance to reinforce the size of the companies, the internationalisation, the innovation and the formation, because due to its words the demographic and technological actual aspects are producing amazing changes. Between the new objectives of AVE there is the fact to keep the independence who characterizes the businessmen as well as to boost from the association the axis Madrid-Valencia to improve, not only the tourism but also the commercial and business relations between the two cities.

He also got words to remind the importance of the Mediterranean corridor where Valencia has an essential place leading the commercial relations and connecting with Marseille and Milan.

The act counted with the presence of the ex president of the Government, Felipe Gonzalez who reminded  AVE to boost the formation in human capital and the link between the company and the University.

Vicente Boluda AVE