Boluda Shipyards has been invited to bid by the Belgian Port Authority.

This contract, together with the recently signed by the port of HaiFa, increase the charge of work till 2012.

Boluda Shipyards, the division of Boluda corporación marítima dedicated to the naval building and repair, has been invited to bid the contruction of four tugboats Voith Schneider of 70 tons of pull in fixed point, bided by the Port Authority of Anvers.

Those embarkations, who will share technical characteristics (29.50 metres long, 12.50 metres large, a draft of 4, 50 metres and a deft of water of 6 metres) will do assistance work to vessels in ports, roadsteads and bays. Their two propelling engines will allow them develop a continuous power of 2650 kw each one at 1000 rpm and, also, will count with two groups of generators of 199 kw of power and a capacity for a crew of maximum 6 people.

This contract signed by the Port Authority of Anvers, together with those Boluda Shipyards has into effect nowadays with national ship-owners as well as with foreigners, suppose to increase the order book of the shipyard till 19 vessels and reinforce by the way its charge of work till 2012, in a moment especially delicate for the naval construction.

Boluda Shipyards has a big trajectory and experience in the building of boats and has foccused its strategy in the construction of port and offshore tugboats, salvage vessels, oil tankers of Little size, oil bunkers, boats for auxiliary services in ports, boats of support to offshore platforms and anchor boats.