Starting this May the shipping company is to add a stop in this Atlantic country along a new route: Marín-Las Palmas-Tenerife-Lisbon-Marín, all covered by container ship, the Lola B

The new route will strengthen the hand of the Port of Marín with direct express service to the Canary Islands with early Monday morning arrival.

Boluda Corporación Marítima, through its cargo transport division, Boluda Lines, will start a new shipping route this May to connect the ports of Marín, Las Palmas, Tenerife and Lisbon. This will be the first time the Valencian shipping company will dock at a Portuguese port and will do so once a week with the Lola B, which has a cargo capacity of 650 TEUs.

According to Fernando Caracciolo, Boluda Lines’ international line manager, “The opening of this new route responds to both the demands from the markets where our shipping lines dock in the Canaries and the demands from our direct customers and international operators, allowing us to cover the entire central and southern portion of Portugal”. Through the connection with its hub port in Las Palmas, Boluda Lines can offer origin/destination services from Portugal to Mediterranean ports in Valencia, Alicante, Barcelona, Livorno, Genoa and the principal ports in Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco as an alternative to highway trucking, therefore lowering transport costs and decongesting land routes using intra-European short sea shipping. What’s more, the addition of Portugal as a new destination boosts the service provided by the Port of Marín, improves connections and expands the number of routes the Valencian company can offer its customers.

Currently Boluda Lines has eight regular maritime routes which connect the Spanish ports of Bilbao, Marín, Algeciras, Seville, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante with the Canary Islands, Portugal, Italy and the ports of Dakar, Nouadhibou, Nouachoktt and Agadir.