The Beatriz B cargo ship moves an 18-meter catamaran to be used in restoring light beacons and cleaning up fuel in the African port

Two patrol ships from the Guardia Civil also to be taken onboard in Las Palmas

The Beatriz B, part of the fleet Boluda Lines regularly uses to cover the Marín-Canaries seaway, has taken on some special cargo: a catamaran. The destination is Nouadhibou, the second-largest city in Mauritania, where it will be used to restore light beacons and clean up fuel in the port.

The cargo operation saw four large-capacity cranes place the catamaran on the deck of the Beatriz B. The cargo ship will bring the vessel to Las Palmas where it will be transshipped to the África B, also belonging to the Boluda Corporación Marítima. The same transshipment includes two patrol boats from the Guardia Civil del Mar to be taken onboard the África B, also bound for Nouadhibou.

Boluda Lines, the cargo shipping division, currently has seven maritime routes servicing the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Islands, West Africa and the Italian ports of Genoa and Livorno. In addition to shipping regular cargo containers, the cargo division also handles special shipments such as vehicles, special-sized parts, heavyweight equipment and helicopters.