Both tugboats will be part of the Boluda Towage and Salvage fleet

In addition to the usual harbour and deep-sea towing services these tugboats will also provide fire-fighting and anti-pollution services.

Launch date for the two latest tugboats from Boluda Shipyards, a division of the Boluda Corporación Marítima in charge of shipbuilding and repairs. These newly launched tugboats will be part of the Boluda Towage and Salvage fleet, towage specialists and the group’s core business.

These two sister ships, with a capacity for six crew, are designed to provide an in-port and deep-sea towing service as well as fire-fighting and anti-pollution services.

With identical technical specifications, the tugboats have an overall length of 30.5 metres, an 11 metre beam and a depth of 5.8 metres. With a maximum draught of 4.40 metres the tugboats have a speed of 13 knots and a pulling power of 78 tons. The tugs are also equipped with two variable speed propulsion systems, both attached to a rapid four stroke diesel engine. Both engines are also used to power fire fighting pumps.

Valencia based Boluda Shipyards currently has orders in hand for at least 20 vessels up until halfway through 2011 of which seven are currently under construction. Boluda Shipyards has focussed on the construction of in port and deep-sea tugboats, salvage vessels, small oil tankers, bunker tankers, vessels for in port tender services, offshore platform support vessels and anchor handling tugs.