The society Boluda Marseille Fos, afiliated compan of Grupo Boluda, has obtained the authorization of the renovation for the exercice of port towage in the installations of the east and west watershed of the Great Maritime port of Marseille for a time of 8 years.

This authorization is the continuation of the deposit, at the end of June, of a document for the General direction of Port. It was judge in agreement to the Prefectural order of March 26th 2009 who define clearly the obligations associated with the exercise of port towage over the area of the Great Maritime port of Marseille.

Boluda Marseille Fos operates a recent fleet, powerful, adapted to the requests of the customers of the Great Maritime Port of Marseille. Then, 4 new tugboats of more than 70 tons of Bollard Pull who represent an investment of 25 million euro have just integrate its fleet.

The Grupo Boluda by this important investment has shown its great commitment in the strategic development in general of the French ports and the Great Maritime Port of Marseille particularly. It guarantee a perfect quality of services to its customers and to the port authorities. Further the strict provision of services, the grupo Boluda aspires to become the main protagonist together with the Great Maritime Port of Marseille and its associates to face the current challenges and guarantee the success of tomorrow declared Denis Monserand, General Manager of Boluda Francia.