The valencian shipping Company sign a contract for 5 years with Valmor Sports to sponsor the curve nº25 of the Grand Prix of Europe of Formula 1.

With the purpose of the Grand prix Telefonica of Europe of Formula 1, who will be celebrated in Valencia from the 21 to 23 of August, this morning took part the signature of an agreement between Boluda Corporacion Maritima and Valmor Sports, and for that the Valencian shipping company will sponsor during a time of 5 years one of the curves of the urban circuit, to whom it has been given the name of “Curva Boluda”.

Vicente Boluda, chairman of the corporation, and Jorge Martinez Aspar, vice president of Valmor Sports, were in charge of the official presentation of the curve that will be located in the main area of the circuit, just before arriving to the finish line, a strategic point in the arrival of the single-seaters at the end of the race.

The act, celebrated in the installations of Boluda Corporación Marítima, as also counted with the presence of the councilor of Infrastructures and transport, Mario Flores, the managing director of the maritime corporation, Alicia Martin, and representatives of the Port Authority of Valencia. During the presentation was shown a virtual tour of the route and were published the technical characteristics of the curve, after a recreation of the same one. Then the curve number 25, since now “Curva Boluda”; will have a speed of entrance of 243 km/h and 177 km/h of way out. It’s radius of trajectory is of 13 metres and the minimum speed who will reach the pilots is of 98 km/h.

Vicente Boluda wanted to emphasize the importance of this sporting event has in the international projection of Valencia. He told”From Boluda Corporacion Maritima, we support all those iniatives that suppose a promotion of our city in the outside. To bet for the urban circuit is to bet for Valencia, for its companies, its business, its inhabitants and, as a Valencian I am, I’m happy to join this initiative who will strengthen the development of our city”

In his side, Jorge Martínez Aspar has told that “the organization try to make applicable the Grand Prix Telefonica of Europe to every sector of the valencian society, who suppose a revitalizing element for the economy of the community, especially now, that we live a time of economic recession. This initiative who will carry important investments in our land and pretend encourage the creation of jobs” he told in conclusion.

Valencia gets into the list of great international circuits as Monaco, Melbourne or Singapore, between others that also have curves with proper name.