The line, which the Saecs consortium had been operating until now in the Opcsa Terminal, will mean a volume of 75,000 TEUs transferred in 2009

The La Luz container Terminal, owned by Boluda Corporación Marítima, has managed to take over the goods transfer traffic between South Africa and Northern Europe that until now was operated by the Saecs shipping company in the Opsca Terminal, which belongs to Dragados SPL & MSC. This operation will allow Boluda’s load-handling company to increase the volume of container movement by 75,000 TEUs, growing from 160,000 last year to the 235,000 TEUs foreseen for 2009.

The Saecs consortium’s ships, made up of Maerks Line, Safmarine, MOL and DAL and which will be operating in the La Luz Terminal, currently cover a regular line between Northern Europe and southern Africa, with stopovers in the ports of Rotterdam, Tilbury and Bremerhaven as their European destinations, and Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town in the south of the African continent.