The transit division of the Maritime Corporation expands its services provided and products sold in the Iberian Peninsula to international traffic through the archipelago.

Boluda Cargo Int’l continues with its policy of expansion, putting its faith in the Canary Islands market with the opening of a new branch in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The goal of the transit division of Boluda Corporación Marítima is to forge a closer relationship with its clients from the islands and at the same time cover all international transport and logistic needs without neglecting the demands of the clients from its portfolio. Boluda Cargo Int’l currently provides international maritime transport and cabotage services using containers, chartering, air and land transport, storage and distribution, customs clearance, advice on foreign trade, insurance, and projects.

This new branch joins the three other offices making up the services network of Boluda Cargo Int’l which are the cities of Valencia, Madrid, and Seville. In this way transit consolidates its position as a forwarder on the national market, while outside Spain it has an extensive network of agents distributed all over the world and commercial branches in both Shanghai and Hong Kong.

This opening-up again reflects the strategic interest of the Canary Islands to the Corporación Marítima and its bid to expand its services and build a closer relationship with its clients.