This week, the French newspaper Les Echos has published the first official interview of the Boluda family. An unpublished report in which Vicente Boluda – together with his three children Vicente, Nacho and Veronica – has made a journey through the history of the corporation and has addressed the future challenges that await them with the fourth generation fully integrated into the family business.

The interview took place in Marseille, where Boluda France’s headquarters are located and where the company has been present for more than 15 years. A country with which there is a strong personal bond and in which Boluda continues to strengthen its position after the recent acquisition of Les Abeilles, the legendary French maritime towing company.

An overview about the family and its relationship with the sea, where Vicente Boluda looks back and reflects on past successes, his family legacy and the new opportunities in this new stage where his succession is assured with his three children having joined the business more than a decade ago.