The leading company in maritime towing services, Boluda Towage, has launched its Sustainability Report 2023, reviewing its evolution and commitment in environmental, social and corporate governance matters.

Boluda Towage has concluded the year 2023 marked by international expansion, its commitment to innovation and sustainability. demonstrating its leadership. In recent years, the company has strengthened its global position in the maritime towage industry and continued to invest in the continuous renewal of its fleet.

A fleet that is considered to be the most powerful in the sector, as well as a pioneer in terms of safety, efficiency, technical level and customer service quality.

A task that can only be accomplished with the objective of sustainable growth, in which Boluda Towage is a benchmark, by promoting the development of sustainable actions to meet the challenge of decarbonisation in the sector.

To do this, the company has outlined a global strategy that covers its entire value chain and is based on three main areas: resource efficiency, emissions reduction and growth in local communities. This action is reflected in its ‘Sustainability Report 2023’ in which it balances the impact of its operations from environmental, social, and corporate governance perspectives.

To do this, the company has outlined a global strategy that covers its whole value chain based on three main areas: the efficient use of resources, the reduction of emissions and the growth in local communities. This action is shown in its ‘Sustainability Report 2023’ in which it balances the impact of its activity from an environmental, social, and corporate governance point of view.

Boluda Towage is developing a business strategy which considers both consumption reduction objectives and the search for alternative fuels, the reduction of its water footprint, the protection of marine life and the improvement of the efficiency of its operations in port.

69% of the ports in which Boluda Towage is present are equipped with Onshore Power Supply Connections (OPS) to connect the vessels to the power grid and reduce fuel consumption as well as noise pollution while they are docked. An action that enables them to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 33%.

It is also committed to optimising fuel consumption in its fleet, using an on-board control module that reduces emissions by up to 30% on each ship that has it fitted.

To further reduce its carbon footprint, Boluda Towage, in partnership with Onboard, implemented a module in 2021 on its fleet in 2021 to monitor fuel consumption and improve efficiency. This creates awareness about efficient fuel consumption and challenges us to apply savings wherever possible. The total fuel savings achieve in the period between 2021 and 2023 by 17 tugs on which the Onboard module was implemented, resulted in a fuel saving of 1,281,909 litres.

The value of people

People are the company’s most asset. This philosophy is reflected in the annual Corporate Strategic Plan, which includes several initiatives aimed at fostering talent in an inclusive and diverse work environment. By the year 2023, the company has increased the number of training actions carried out by 12% and the number of training hours offered by 25%.

As a company committed to the social needs it has increased its annual contributions to support the sector within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, fostering strategic alliances with local, national and global entities. 

A model of organisational efficiency

The company is aware that only with an efficient corporate governance structure it can succeed and grow in the market. With this purpose, the company adopts best practices following the highest standards of business integrity, creating value in its environment and among stakeholders. The company has various committees that enable it to guarantee the implementation of best practices, such as the Compliance, Data Protection (GDPR) and Innovation Committees.

Vicente Boluda Fos, President of Boluda Corporación Marítima has declared: ‘We are constantly asking ourselves how to improve and this spirit of self-improvement is what drives us to innovate in order to be pioneers in the sector. We are a company that is committed to sustainable development as part of our business culture. This is something we carry in our DNA and drives every decision we take concerning our employees, customers, partners and society as a whole’.

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