The VB SIDI has a 72.5-ton bollard pull

Valencia, 20 January 2022

The arrival of the VB SIDI tug, with a 72.5 ton-bollard pull and nearly 7,000 horsepower, strengthens the Boluda Towage Spain fleet in Valencia port.

The VB SIDI has a Voith system (VWT) which combines propulsion, steering and stabilization, giving it high manoeuvrability, precision and the ability to vary the direction of thrust almost instantaneously.

The Voith Schneider propulsion system consists of two rotors positioned along the bottom of the ship’s hull, equipped with a series of axially parallel blades which rotate around a vertical axis and can provide thrust in any direction.

The VB SIDI joins the VB FURIA, VB LLEVANT, VB PODER, VB XALOC and VB XEREA tugboats which guarantee safety and provide manoeuvring assistance to ships calling at Valencia port.

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