The appointment took place at the General Assembly, which was attended by, among others, the Minister of Transport and the President of State Ports

Ignacio Boluda Ceballos was appointed president of ANAVE’s Regular Cargo Line Traffic Commission

The president of Boluda Maritime Corporation, Vicente Boluda Fos, was elected yesterday president of the Association of Spanish Ship Owners (ANAVE), replacing Alejandro Aznar, president of Grupo Ibaizabal, who leaves the presidency after six years at the head of the employers’ association of ship owners.

Among the business responsibilities of the new president of ANAVE, he is president of the Spanish National Association of Tugboats (ANARE), president of the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), president of the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies and president of the Valencian Shipping Association (ANV). In addition, Vicente Boluda is a full member of the Royal Academy of the Sea and a full member of the Spanish Maritime Cluster.

Vicente Boluda is president of Boluda Maritime Corporation, a company with two strategic divisions: Boluda Towage (for towing services) and Boluda Shipping (for maritime and land transport, and port logistics). A leading company in global maritime services with two other less complex divisions: Port Services, dedicated to auxiliary services in ports, and VB Commissioners for Breakdowns, for the assessment of claims.

Attending the event

The appointment took place during ANAVE’s General Assembly, held in Madrid, where, among other agreements, Ignacio Boluda Ceballos, son of Vicente Boluda Fos, was appointed president of ANAVE’s Regular Cargo Line Traffic Commission. Ignacio Boluda is vice-president of Boluda Maritime Corporation and vice-president of Boluda Shipping, the division responsible for the company’s maritime and land transport and international logistics. He is also a member of ANAVE’s Steering Committee and Standing Committee.

The event was attended by the newly appointed Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sanchez; the Secretary of State for Transport, Pedro Saura; the Admiral Chief of Defense Staff, Teodoro Lopez; the Secretary General of Transport, Maria Jose Rallo; the Admiral Chief of Staff of the Navy, Antonio Martorell; the General Director of the Merchant Marine, Benito Núñez and the President of State Ports, Francisco Toledo, together with a wide representation of companies and institutions from the different Spanish maritime sectors.

In his closing speech, Alejandro Aznar, outgoing president of the Spanish Ship Owners’ Association, stressed the importance of the “strategic value of the Special Register of the Canary Islands and the Merchant Marine for Spain” and the need to concentrate the largest number of matters related to the Merchant Marine in a single Ministry, “which takes real awareness of the characteristics of our sector”.


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