The shipping company provided the Valencian NGO Formation Senegal (Senegal Training) with a 40 ft. container for material storage and free shipping from Valencia to Dakar

The solidarity initiative is part of the Humanitarian Transport program

Boluda Corporación Marítima’s shipping company Boluda Lines has collaborated again with the Valencian non-governmental organization (NGO) Formation Senegal, this time in the Una luz para ellas (A light for women) project which aims to build a workshop to train one hundred women and day-care centre in the village of Nguisguir Bamba, located in Kebèmer, in the rural region of Louga, in the north Senegal area of the African Sahel.

Within its Humanitarian Transport program, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Boluda Lines contributed by providing a 40-foot container and free shipping of humanitarian aid material from Valencia port to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

Material in the container included 10 tons of construction material for the women’s workshop and the day care centre, a self-sufficient solar energy system with electrical equipment and lighting, 800 kg of new children’s clothing, 400 kg of medical sanitary equipment (donated by the Clínico-Malvarrosa hospital complex), two ultrasound machines, a gynaecological table, stretchers, walking frames, wheelchairs, a children’s library of almost 400 books donated by the Parents’ Association of the Lycée Français de Valencia college, work tables, sewing machines, furniture items and an overhead projector and screen.

Also collaborating on this project are the Luis Baños Perelló Foundation, represented by Nacho Baños, CEO of Plastinsa; Dufry; Quique Calabuig and his company KAIHŌ Capital, and Isabel Ubeda, CEO of L’anella investments.

Formación Senegal is implementing several training initiatives to reduce emigration by creating family-based micro-economies not dependent on agriculture. The first phase involves setting up a training and production workshop for 100 women, and for their children a day care centre will be located a few metres away, which will include early stimulation education programs, an innovation in the African Sahel where children start school aged 7 years old.

The project’s new phases will be launched in 2020, when they will be constructing exterior facades, internal panelling for work area separation, digital and audio-visual classroom equipment and upgrading the flooring of the entire built area. After this stage training courses will be coordinated in different areas (design, materials and raw materials, dyes, marketing, occupational risk, basic accounting, quality control, IT, management and sales and distribution channels).

Boluda Lines previously collaborated with the NGO in 2018 in the charity project Una luz en la escuela (A light at school), aimed at improving school conditions for children and young people in the African Sahel of Senegal, by offering company’s maritime transport services to ship the solar panels.

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