Minister Íñigo de la Serna received the commemorative plaque marking the association’s 40th anniversary, at an event held at the Casino of Madrid

This month saw the 40th anniversary of the National Tugboat Association of Spain (ANARE). As president of the entity, Boluda Corporación Marítima Chairman Vicente Boluda presided over the commemorative lunch held at the Casino of Madrid, attended by authorities such as the Minister for Public Works and Transport, Íñigo de la Serna.

This year after the AGM a lunch was organized to mark the 40th anniversary of this association, created on 12 July 1977 under the impetus of Vicente Boluda Marí, Vicente Boluda Fos’s grandfather, first president of the entity, which emerged to represent, manage and defend the common interests of its members.

The president of ANARE welcomed attendees and highlighted the strength of the companies that created this association 40 years ago. “After four decades we are still the same companies offering a fundamental service for the security of the maritime sector in Spain.”

Vicente Boluda added “We have demonstrated a close collaboration with the Ministry for Public Works and Transport and have always been committed to an ongoing, transparent relationship with the State.”

At the end of his speech, the president of ANARE presented Minister de la Serna with the commemorative plaque marking the association’s 40th anniversary, formed in 1977 by 15 companies. This association is currently made up of 32 towing companies, of which a third form part of Boluda Towage and Salvage.

Attending on behalf of the government in addition to the Minister for Public Works, were the Secretary General of Transportation, Carmen Librero; the president of Puertos del Estado, José Llorca, and the general manager of the Merchant Navy, Rafael Rodríguez Valero. General Manager of ANARE Ángel Mato was also present at the lunch.

Representing Boluda Corporación Marítima besides the chairman, and in representation of Boluda Towage and Salvage, the maritime towage division, were the chairman of this division Joaquín Lozano; the vice-chairman Vicente Boluda Ceballos, and the managing director, Antonio Bordils. Also invited to the lunch by virtue of his friendship with Vicente Boluda was Alejandro Aznar, president of the Spanish Shipowners’ Association (ANAVE), and also of the Royal Academy of the Sea and the Ibaizábal Group.


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