The company took part for the first time with its own stand in the 15th annual international environmental solutions trade fair

One of the national and international sector leaders in global maritime services, Boluda Corporación Marítima exhibited its environmental commitment to protect the ecosystem in the international environmental solutions trade fair Ecofira, participating with its own stand (N1-P5-E49) for the first time. The exhibition was open to the public in Pavilion 5 of Fira Valencia from 28 to 30 November, an opportunity for companies to present new recycling strategies and advances in the fight against climate change.

In the corporation led by businessman Vicente Boluda, the common denominator behind all investments is a commitment to sustainability in the oceans and ports where the holding group’s maritime terminals operate vessels and provide logistics services.

An example of the importance Boluda Corporación Marítima places in respect for the environment is the investment in Boluda Towage and Salvage, the leading towing services company in Spain and second in the international arena. The company has invested heavily in new technologies and the latest technical advances in anti-pollution measures, improving port, offshore and high seas towing services, as well as maritime salvage services.

The next-generation Smart ship tugs are already a benchmark in the sector. Boluda are pioneers in using the advanced technology, which can adapt each tugboat procedure to its port and operation, with a significant reduction in consumption and emission of gases into the atmosphere. Smart ships are also energy efficient and reduce noise pollution by 80%, benefiting not only the crews, but also the port environment.

Action in Boluda Tankers and Boluda Lines

Measures to protect the environment have also been adopted in the Boluda Tankers fleet. The fuel supply and transport services division is the first company in the GAINN4MOS project to include liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply and self-consumption capacity in one of its tankers, which reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 80% and sulfur oxide suspended particulate matter by 100%.

Boluda Lines has also taken corrective action regarding container ships providing comprehensive freight transport services, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide – one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect – to 0.0455 kg. of carbon monoxide (CO) per ton transported one nautical mile. These vessels reduce nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide particulate emissions to 1.66 grams.

On all ten commercial routes and in the four maritime terminals that it manages, the shipping company applies the corresponding environmental control measures both in comprehensive transport and international freight management services – by sea land or air – as well as in shipping agent, freight forwarding, chartering, project cargo, logistics and storage services.

In line with its environmentally-friendly policy, the company has printed brochures using Scheufelen Graspaper paper, which reduces 1 litre of water per ton of grass fibre pulp, a saving of 136 kW / h of energy per ton of matter, a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions.

At Ecofira, the leading event in the sector in Spain, the best professionals and companies in the industry learned about the latest developments in waste collection, transport and treatment: waste recovery and recycling; waste disposal systems; marketing of by-products; control of air quality, atmosphere and emissions; noise pollution; environmental management systems and certification; waste treatment machinery; packaging management; municipal road cleaning systems and equipment; eco-efficiency in business parks, and biological treatment systems for leachate waste, wastewater and septic tanks.

Boluda shared a stand at Ecofira with Valencia Port Authority and Balearia.