The office will be managed by Jon Gárate

As part of its expansion policy Boluda Cargo International, the company in charge of logistic services at Boluda Corporación Marítima, has opened a new office in Bilbao to be headed by Jon Gárate.

A 44-year old from Bilbao, Gárate holds a degree in Marketing and Business Management and a master’s degree in Foreign Trade from the Universidad del País Vasco. He has extensive experience in the logistics sector, where he has held senior management positions, implementing strategies for optimizing commercial networks, development and team leadership.

Jon Gárate is taking up this new challenge “with great enthusiasm and an awareness of the responsibility of belonging to a leading company in the maritime sector”.

The offices are located on the Gran Vía, nº 40 Bis, 7ª planta, Bilbao.


As part of Boluda Cargo Int’l’s current process of national and international expansion and development, it has recently added Eva García to the team, who will lead this new project from the Valencia headquarters.

Boluda Cargo Int’l offers a comprehensive range of logistics services such as international and coastal container shipping, chartering, air and land transportation, special loads, warehousing and distribution and customs clearance, as well as international trade, insurance and project consulting services.

Jon Gárate.