That will be his fourth mandate in front of the centenary entity

Vicente Boluda has been reelected by acclaim and for the fourth consecutive time, Chairman of the Asociation Naviera Valenciana, whose objective is to defend the interests of the broker and stevedore companies in the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia.

Boluda told that the competitivity of the ports goes by reducing all the portuary taxes. Also he assures that is fundamental to order the model of stevedoring regarding the European request.  In the field of infrastructures Vicente Boluda urges to the consecution of a Mediterranean corridor. In the mediterranena arch is generated a great part of the richness of the country, for that it deserves an decent railway interconnection. Regarding the sentence of the Audencia Nacional  that cancel the resolution of competency, it was a nonsense fine who was also unfair-
Will be accompanying Boluda in this fourth mandate Antonio Crespo, manager; Antonio García, president of the commitee of brokers companies; Gustavo Ferrer, President of the commmitee of Stevedore companies and Javier Cubas, secretary of Asociación Naviera.