A year more Boluda Corporacion Maritima has taken part in the campaign of Christmas that Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia_ has organised in benefit of entities situated in the area of the port of Valencia and who support the most disadvantages groups.

The result of the campaign of Christmas this year has been duplicated regarding last year. Then 800 kilos of food, 100 pieces of products for the toilette, close to 800 elements of school material, 5500 pieces of clothes and 305 Euros. Also, the entities who form Aportem have compromised themselves in not letting the kids of the different school with whom they collaborated without a Christmas present. By this way Boluda Corporacion Maritima has assumed the toys of the classes 4, 5,6 of primary of the School Santiago Apostol de El Cabanyal.

On its side, The propeller of Valencia, active member of Aportem has managed this year through direct contributions and by the sale of numbers for the raffle celebrated in its III benefit diner, the amount of 20 000 euros, who nearly double the one reached last year, and who will be destinate to finance the projects of CAES ( Centros de Accion Educativa Singular)

This showing of solidarity has served to stop in a certain way the suffering of many families in the area close to the port of Valencia.

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