Its boats “Verónica B”, “Beatriz B” and “Wega” haven’t stop a single day. 

Boluda Lines, the division of transport of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has kept its schedules and services during all the month of December, during the Christmas celebrations.

The boats “Verónica B”, “Beatriz B” and “Wega”, who give services in the Mediterranee, haven’t stopped their services not a single day and have been the only shipping Company who has kept its schedules in the boats programmed from Barcelona, Valencia and in the rapide service from Alicante to Las Palmas de GC and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

By this way Boluda LInes keeps its offert of service and guarantee to its customers the transport of its merchandises to all the destinations of the archipelago of the Canary and west coasat of Africa in the minor time posible, achieving the commitments adquired with all of them, to whom it thanks for their fidelity and the trust given.