The shipping company celebrates its 113 aniversary.

Valencia- Vicente Boluda, President of Asociación Naviera Valenciana, presided last 21st, the anual general assembly, that got together the representatives of the most important companies in the area in an act celebrated in the Clock Building in the port of Valencia and who celebrated, in a following reception, its 113 anniversary.
Between the main conclusions of the Assembly, it should be pointed out that The Association will keep developing the project of an advance appointement till being able to get its implantation, then it is persuaded that this project will contribute crucialy to accelerate the land operation.

During the following reception, that got together the representatives of logistic-port society of Valencia, Vicente Boluda thanked the support and dedication of the members for the Association to be stronger every day. “We come from intense years, fighting against a hard crisis and despite that, the Association is every day more powerfull. We are a relevant collectif for the progress of the city, of the region of Valencia and Spain”: Boluda encouraged the presents to keep together and innovate to get the efficiency always in the search of excellence. This is our commitment as association and as business men.

The president of the Port Autority of Valencia, Rafael Aznar, told briefly to the presents to encourage them to keep working and defend all that suit the developpement and growth of the economic activity.

Vicente Boluda Asociación Naviera