The pilote test took place in the base of remolcadores de Valencia and is included in the politic of Social corporative responsability of the Corporation.

The Base of Remolcadores de Valencia de Boluda Towage and Salvage, has been chosen to do the pilote test of the incorporation of mobile systems of communication.-tablets- that allow to record the maneuvers in real time from the tugboats, for all the companies who interact in a maneuver and the own boat act in coordinated way and the information goes between all the services lender and the boat.

This important improvement has supposed, in addition to the essential optimization in the communication, the simplification of the processes minimizing the mistakes. The registers are included automatically in the corporative system for its posterior treatment and billing, that supposes to short the cycles of billing and reduce noticeably the use of paper. All these improvements influences directly in the optimization in the services given by allowing the personal a better dedication to the tasks of greater value.

The innovator system has just been incorporated also in the Base of remolcadores de Sagunto and will be put in movement little by little in all the bases of Boluda Towage and Salvage.

VB Poder