Valencia – Tugboats VB Adriático, VB Vigor, VB Brío and VB Sargazos of the headquarter of Boluda Towage and Salvage of Sagunto, have assisted the entrance manoeuvre of the gas boat Artic Voyager

The Artic Voyager, of 290 m long, 48,5 large and 118.571 GT is one of the biggests who comes inside the terminal of Saggas in the Port of Sagunto. The manoeuvre who has to be done is really complicate due to the twist done by the boat, its big dimensions and the narrow space.

The  4 tractor tugboats, VB Adriatico with a power of 4216hp and a pull of 52 tons , VB Vigor of 5440 and 65, VB Brio of 5440 and 56 and VB Sargazos of 4200 and 53 respectively, did with a great skill the complicate manoeuvre making easy the entrance and way out of the boat from the terminal.

Boluda Towage and Salvage has a fleet of 215 tugboats in ports and offshore, distributed in more than 50 ports of Europe, Africa, America and Indian Ocean.

Asistencia gasero Sagunto