The Barge will be transported to Panama where it will also be assisted by tugboat of the Boluda Fleet in this country.

Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) – The tugboats VB Cabo Rojo, VB Barahona and VB Higuëy, from the fleet REBARCA in the Dominican Republic, have realised successfully the towage of the barge Estrella del Mar from the port of Santo Domingo in Bahia de Ocoa ( Dominican Republic) as well as an operation of loading of this flotting artefacto on board of a semi waterproof boat.

La Estrella del Mar is a big generative barge of electric energy of 97 metres lon and 31 large, with a capacity to produce 72 megawatts.

The complicate maneuver after the towage, consisted in embarking and holding La Estrella del Mar in the semi waterproof boat Swan of 181 m long and 32,26 m large, who was waiting in Bahia de Ocoa ready to receive such a singular charge.

Once concluided the delicate operation to situate the barge in the exact place, it was proceed to refleet the Swan who set sails to Panama, where it was waiting by the tugboats VB Chiriquí, VB California y VB Gamboa, from the fleet of Tug Services Panama, who will be in charge to realize the maneuver of unloading and following towage of the barge Estrella del Mar to its new place in Bahia Las Minas ( Panama).

Boluda Towage and Salvage has in América a fleet of 60 tugboats and 19 bunkers spread in México, Dominican Republic, Panamá, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela and Haiti.

Remolque barcaza Estrella del Mar