Conects regularly the ports of Asunción (Paraguay) Montevideo (Uruguay) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Asunción (Paraguay) – Boluda Fos Corporación, through its subsidiary Naviera del Mercosur, has put into service for his line  Asunción (Paraguay), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Buenos Aires (Argentina),  its new container vessel Asunción B.

The Asunción B, boat with paraguayan flag, will be allocated to this line that goes by the water way Paraguay-Paraná, that is one of the biggest fluvial navegable systems of the planet and it had been converted in an important factor of human and economic cohesion of the south American countries that form it.

The Asunción B as a lenght of 104 metres,  20.40 m. large and a draught really low that converted it in the most versatile boat of those who operate in the area. It has a capacity for 450 teus, from which 70 of them can be frozen containers.

The fleet of the company Naviera del Mercosur is composed by 3 units more : The container vessels Lago Ypoa y Ara K’oe  more the barge MS1, adding a total capacity of 1.500 teus.

Asunción B inaugural