He was crewing a sailing boat that was drifted.

The boat Beatriz B, from the fleet of Boluda lines, has rescued a castaway in high sea after that its sailing boat suffered a water way.

It’s a crew member from Russia who was sailing from Porto Cristo (Palma de Mallorca) to Tenerife. The salvage showed great complication due to the bad weather conditions, with a thick sea and 30 knots wind, and because the castaway didn’t give correctly his position, the boat was coming again and again to the position indicated without finding anything.

Once rescued the castaway was admitted in the hospital of the boat due to a high level of exhaustion, as informed the captain of Beatriz B and stayed under permanent watchfulness of the Third Officer.

The castaway was evacuated by the helicopter Rescue II of Maritime Salvage and goes to Las Palmas for his hospitalization.  

It’s not the first time boats of the fleet of Boluda Lines rescue castaways, without hesitating in going out of their road and attends a SOS call, obeying the first maxim of the people of the sea that is to rescue people.

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