Brought together more than 1000 runners from different countries.

Boluda Lines, shipping division of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has collaborated with the sporting competition Tenerife Eternal Running who took place the last 9 of november.

The mentality of the Tenerife Eternal Running, goes further than a simple race. It’s an event of an extreme hardness that takes part in a distance of 10 km. In Tenerife, the place was the port area, where the participants overcame, during the race, a total of 40 obstacles like containers, wire mesh, barrels, trenches, mud. Etc, situated every 700 metres approximately

The race has been sponsored by the Cabildo of Tenerife through the Tourism of Tenerife, the Port Authority and for which Boluda Lines has let the containers who supposed to be one of the hardest events.

This even suppose a bonus for the sport calendar of Tenerife and complete the offert of the city, as it was declared by the Sport Counselor of the Town hall of Santa Cruz, Zósimo Darias.

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