Material in benefit of children and in destination of welcome flat for immigrants situated in the port area.


Boluda Corporación Marítima, as a member of Aportem-Valencia Puerto Solidario- inside the actions of Social Corporative Responsibility that they regularly start-up, have started a supportive campaign in order to give support to two welcome flats situated in the port area. Those temporary flats serves to help to the survival and socio-labor insertion of sub-Saharawi workers, a collective especially vulnerable   and who wants to integrate the Valencian Society.

A campaign has been launched to collect school and first need material in destination to the two entities also situated in the port area, Association Arca de Noé, in support of minors with risk of social exclusion and the school Santiago Apostol in el Cabañal, which objective is the support of vulnerable minors from 2 to 15 years.

Those interested in collaborate can deposit the supportive material in our offices of Valencia, Paseo de Caro, s/n. You can give: basic food, personal hygiene and home articles, furnishing, hygiene material for minors, school material, etc….

The entities who form Aportem are, besides Boluda Corporación Maritima, Aljibes Boscá, Amarradores del Puerto de Valencia, Asociación Naviera Valenciana, ATEIA, Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia, Balearia, Grupo Diario, Noatum Ports Valenciana S.A.U., Sociedad de Estiba y Desestiba S.A.G.E.P., TCV Stevedoring Company, S.A. y Urbamar Levante.

Material humanitario benéfico