The fall of a stevedore from high to the hold of the Veronica B boat was simulated


Boluda Lines, shipping division of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has collaborated in the emergency simulation celebrated on board of its boat Veronica B, during the works of unload in the Terminal de Contenidors de Barcelona TCB, where was represented a serious accident, the fall of a stevedore from the high part of a crane to the hold of the boat. None of the participants in the exercise knew the day, hour and the way how the exercise will be celebrated.

This training exercise is part of the regular training that have the professionals of our sector, in which have participated, besides the crew of Veronica B, workers of TCB and the group of emergency of the port of Barcelona, doing the coordination of a big number of collectives: stevedores, medical personal of Emergency Services (FREMAP), DUE, services of Emergency, Ambulance of SEM and port Police.

Simulación emergencia