It has transported bicycles to Senegal in collaboration with the ONG Pinto in the heart of Gorée.


Boluda Lines, the shipping division of Boluda Corporación Marítima, keeps its supportive activity through its program “Humanitarian Transport”, collaborating for this occasion with the ONG Pinto in the Heart of Gorée, transporting for free on board of one of its boats supportive material to Senegal.


Pinto is an association of collaboration to the developpement who has Senegal as country for its actions and, in cooperation with the Foundation Alberto Contador has processed the action “Your bicycle gets a life in Africa”, by with a great quantity of bicycles, that don’t have use here, have been collected to give them a new life in Africa, where they are a rare and appreciated good. Orthopedic and disabled material as well as furnitures, clothes and wheelchairs have also been collected.


The material is due to arrive at its destination at the beginning of August and will be given to beneficiaries belonging to disadvantages groups, concretely to orphans, students and workers of countryside areas who cover distances till 14 km


The bicycles as well as all the things given have been prepared, classified and inventoried by the Association of Disabled of Pinto, that together with the foundation Alberto Contador and Boluda Lines, keeps a narrow collaboration with the program : With solidarity we change the reality”.
Contenedor humanitario