The concert will be held under the two cranes Post-Panamax of 60 meters high, that will be completely illuminated over the orchestra.

The Terminal La Luz, division in charge of the administration of the terminals of Boluda Corporación Marítima, will hand over its facility, next 7th of July at 21h to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria, to celebrate the XVI Festival of Theater, Movies and Dance.

The stage where the concert will take place will be set up by 40 containers and framed by 2 cranes Post-Panamax, 60 meters high and completely lightened which will give a spectacular and unprecedented image to the symphonic group.

The philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria will perform “The Ode to Joy”, movement of the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven, for an audience of an estimated 3000 people.

Filarmónica de Gran Canaria