It will suppose an increase for the terminal of 25.000 teus/year.

The terminal La Luz, division in charge of the administration for the port terminals of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has reached an agreement with OPDR, in order to operate the boats of the German company that cover the lines from the north of Europe to the Canaries, who will represent an increase of 25.000 teus per year in the movements of La Luz.

This agreement will suppose a substantial improvement for the times of connection between the north of Europe and Africa using the terminal La Luz as a Hub port of direct transfer, and then it won’t be necessary to transfer the containers from OPCSA to La Luz, reducing notably the transit time and the costs.

The boats who cover this line are the OPDR Las Palmas, OPDR Cadiz, OPDR Tenerife, who connect the cities of Gibraltar, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Felixtowe, Tunis y Ambers.

The first operation took place the last 5th with the OPDR Cadiz with 270 movements.


Terminal La Luz Las Palmas de Gran Canaria