Today we celebrate 10 years of our Certificate of Formalities of Operational Security of the Boat.


More than a century leads Boluda Lines, the division of maritime transport of Boluda Corporación Marítima, transporting goods through the Mediterranean Sea and connecting the Peninsula with The Canaries and the West African Coast.

During so many years of history, and in a mean so given to any kind of adventures, the anecdotes have followed one another, putting crews and vessels to the test.

We have picked up castaways, rescued boats, tugged whales, suffered storms that only the Mediterranean Sea, born peaceful can set out, we have been boarded, we have had stowaways… and thousand of stories that each of ours captains could tell.

The ship is our home. We take care of them, we attend them and keep them, and we nearly fuss over them. They are our place of work but also of life, play, coexistence and yearnings.

Each of our boats is maintained and cared in its minimum details.

They are eight boats of different sizes and features that, at complete satisfaction, pass every two years the ISM, which is the Certificate of formalities of Operational Security of the Boat. Today we celebrate 10 years of our Certification ISM.

Veronica B con carga