Boluda Corporación Marítima, through its divisions Boluda lines and Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding participates the next 9th, 10th and 11th of february in the Fruit Logistic Exhibition who will take place these days in Berlin (Germany). The exhibition is one of the most important meetings in the World regarding the trade of fresh products and where come more than 2300 companies of the World, and supposes an opportunity for the producers, the suppliers and the intermediaries to exchange experiences and to increase commercial links. Together with the Fish Exhibition in Vigo, Fruit Logistic supposes for Boluda lines one of the most important business opportunities in the year, as we are specialised in the transport of perishable goods has told Fernando Caracciolo, manager of the international lines of the Division.

In this way, Boluda Lines will take advantage of the platform which supposes Fruit Logistic to represent to importers as well as to exporters and Port Authorities its maritime connexions between Iberian Peninsula, Canaries archipelago, Portugal, Italy and West Africa.

Routes that connect all the Mediterranean arc weekly and with the security of a sure and good transport.

Boluda Lines counts with a own fleet of 1500 units of containers reefer, of 40 feet high cube of last generation with a capacity of net load of 60 tons and which characteristics are ideal for the transport of this type of goods. Besides the maritime transport, Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding offers to its guests services door to door, overland transport door to door, assistances in arrivals and departures in ports, customs and insurance services together with the operations of consignee, storage and logistic.

Boluda Corporation Maritima takes place in this exhibition through the Spanish, Italians, Portuguese and west African ports in which each port offers besides its own infrastructure and services, the own lines, boats and services of the company.

Fuit Logistic Exhibition Berlin