The Company presents Humanitarian Transport, a supportive initiative with whom it will help the ONG to transport the humanitarian help to third world countries.

The first action will take place in the beach park of the formula 1 of Valencia where, from the 19th to the 27th, a supportive container will be situated for the citizen to be able to deposit material to be sent to Senegal.

Boluda Corporación Marítima has presented this morning Humanitarian Transport, a new Project with whom the Company wants to help little and big ONG to make real their actions of development of cooperation. The act has count with the presence of the mayor of Valencia, Rita Barberá, the councilor of social health, Marta Torrado and the councilor of Education, Emilio del Toro. Beside, several representatives fo the ONG beneficiary of the project, the association of Senegalese immigrants, the association of Senegalese Woman Diaratulah, Psychologists without borders and the association of Senegalese Askan Wi, have also taken part of the presentation.

Vicente Boluda has been in charge to make known this action who will consist in the free cease of space in the containers of Boluda and its posterior transfer to countries like Senegal, Mauritania o Morocco, to help the social projects the associations are developing in the area. One of the main problems the ONG established in Africa are founding is the excessive coast that the charge and transport of humanitarian material till its destination suppose and the difficulty of transiting the roads of the continent, advised against by the own cooperants because of being insecure. The maritime transport has become an alternative for those ONG and from Boluda Corporación Marítima we wanted to add our efforts in the achievement of these supportive actions. We support the growing of the West African Countries and for this we have wagered to reinforce our commitment with the educative, sanitary and infrastructures projects of the area, has told Vicente Boluda.

In the marc of Coorporaive social responsibility and the actions of social sensivity, Boluda Corporacion Maritima has been realizing for 5 years humanitarian sendings in its vessels and collaborating with littles and big ONG, like Red Cross, Foundation Bangassou, Supportive Action ( Acció solidaria) Humanitarian logistic Net, o the foundation Julio Alió. Till this moment, these collaborations were punctual and on demand of the own organizers. With Humanitarian Transport, Boluda Corporacion Maritima give a step more and increase its commitment offering to all those associations interested, the possibility to transport their charge in supportive containers through its maritime connections.

The first supportive action that count with the collaboration of the city council of Valencia, will take place from the 19 th to the 27 of June, in the Beach Park of Formula 1 of Valencia. There and thanks to the cession of a space by Valmor Sport and in collaboration with the city council of Valencia and the councilor of Social health, the first social container will be situated and a call will be made to the citizens for them to be able to deposit school material, toys, clothes, shoes, computer material, etc. that will be sent later on to Senegal, where the participative ONG are developing supportive projects.

Contenedor humanitario