15 wind bases of 20 tons each have been transported.

Boluda Lines, the transport division of merchandises of Boluda Corporación Marítima has transported wind bases of 2.28 meters high, 4.50 m large and 19.500 tons of weight. The merchandise was embarked in Bilbao the 15th of November on board of Daniela B in 15 containers Flat Rack of 20’, six days after arrived to Las Palmas and was transshipped to the vessel Africa B, arriving to Nouakchott (Mauritania) the 28th.

In only 13 days the merchandise has been transported from Bilbao and delivered to its installation base in Nouakchott, that shows the great the coordination of the Boluda Lines Team in charge as well as transship and unload, then all this maneuvers have been realized satisfactory.

Boluda Lines is specialized in the transport of merchandises of great size-Project Cargo- as well as any kind of charge in container dry as well as frozen.

Boluda Lines keeps 7 lines that connect the Mediterranean Sea with the Peninsula, Canary Islands, West African Coast and Cape Verde.