This morning the renaming ceremony of the new tugboat « VB Responder » took place at the Small Boats Marina in the port of Gibraltar, strenthening its current fleet in such a strategic point for maritime transport as the Strait of Gibraltar.

The event was attended by the Hon Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo KC MP, the Hon Gemma Arias-Vasquez MP, the President of Boluda Corporación Marítima, Vicente Boluda Fos, Executive Vice President of Boluda Towage, Vicente Boluda Ceballos and the Captain of the Port, Mr John Ghio.

Vicente Boluda, President of Boluda Corporación Marítima, said: “The importance of Gibraltar and its port as a strategic hub for our operations in the strait, a real gateway from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean via the Mediterranean, where it is essential to act with a powerful and prepared fleet such as that of Boluda Towage ».

Minister for the Port, the Hon Gemma Arias-Vasquez MP, said: “This partnership reflects the Gibraltar Port’s commitment to adapting to the evolving maritime industry and enhancing the services it offers. I would like to thank Boluda for their interest in Gibraltar and I look forward to many years of collaboration. »

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo KC MP, said: “I welcome the addition of “VB Responder” to Boluda Towage’s fleet as it signifies their confidence in Gibraltar not just as a strategic point in geographic terms, but a trustworthy place for business. This is also an important acquisition that strengthens the Port of Gibraltar’s maritime capabilities which will enhance their service”.

Boluda Towage, aware of its responsibility and sustainable commitment, is strengthening its activities despite global geopolitical tensions. Following the latest events in the Red Sea, the ports in the Strait of Gibraltar will be the first in Europe to be touched by the shipping lines now sailing the Cape of Good Hope route and will be a key point on the trade routes between Europe and Asia.

The Strait of Gibraltar, with a length of 42 miles and a width at its narrowest point of only nine miles, is one of the areas with the highest density of navigation in the world, through which more than 100,000 ships pass each year, more than 10% of the total world traffic. The conditions in the area, with strong and variable tides, powerful easterly and westerly winds, and frequent fog banks due to the high temperatures, make the work of the tugboats essential for the optimization of operations.