It’s a Voight Schneider Tug of high performance for ports and ocean going with a capacity to fight against fires.

Boluda shipyards, division of Boluda Corporación Marítima dedicated to the naval construction and repair, has celebrated the launch of the boat Eugenia built for the Italian shipowner Società Esercizio Rimorchi e Salvataggi ( SERS). The Eugenia, like its twin brother launched in july has a length of 29,5 m a draft of 4,30 m and a beam of 11 m. It is preview that both tugs reach a speed of 12,5 knots and a pull of fixed point of 62 tons thanks to its two Voight Schneider 30r5/250-2 propellant engines.

The Eugenia is specially designed for port services. It has equipments for services against Fi-Fi 1 fires, fight against maritime contamination with water spray and works of ocean going tug due to the notification Unrestricted navigation.

The relation between Shipowner and Shipyards is big, as it is the 5th  occasion that SERS trusts in the experience and the great work of the factory of Boluda Corporación, after  the previous orders excuted  in 2003, 2004, 2006 for the built of differents tugs.