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PRESENTATION“Harbour Towage”. Pilot National Congress of Algeciras.
06-01-2012:descarga(file size: 5 MB)
SPEECHVicente Boluda’s speech at the annual dinner of the Asociaciòn Naviera Valenciana on 15 june 2012.
06-15-2012:descarga(file size: 115 KB)
SINGLADURACorporate magazine of Boluda Corporación Marítima
nº 9 (winter 2011):download(file size: 6,07 MB)
nº 8 (autumn 2010):download(file size: 4,40 MB)
nº 7 (summer 2010):download(file size: 1,74 MB)
nº 6 (winter 2010):download(file size: 1,40 MB)
nº 5 (autumn 2009):download(file size: 4,44 MB)
nº 4 (summer 2009):download(file size: 2,96 MB)
nº 3 (winter 2009):download(file size: 5,18 MB)
nº 2 (winter 2008):download(file size: 2,68 MB)

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