Leaders in Global maritime services

We take care and respect our means: The Sea

Committed to helping the disadvantaged

Specialists in solutions of transport.
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  • Tugboats

    Specialists in towing services, we provide assistance in more than forty ports and harbours in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

  • Marine transport

    Our shipping sea routes connect the entire Spanish coastline with the Canary Islands and the main ports of entry in Italy, Portugal, Mauritania, Senegal and Morocco.

  • Fuel transportation and supply

    Our fifteen latest-generation oil tankers have made us leaders in the fuel supply industry and one of the top companies in Europe.


  • Maritime terminals

    We take part in managing several port terminals by making investments to upgrade and modernize facilities in order to best streamline and maximize our resources.

  • Freight forwarder

    Boluda Corporación Marítima provides freight forwarding services

  • Other activities

    We also provide other services, such as Evaluation and Insurance

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