Transporte/suministro combustible

Safety during transport and respect for the environment are two of Boluda Tankers’ fundamental pillars. The company’s tankers are equipped with the most innovative technical features.

This division is responsible for the transport and supply of fuel, a strategic service within port premises.

Industry leader in Spain and with an annual supply capacity of over four million tons of fuel, the company provides its services in the main domestic ports.

Name Capacity Length Beam Depth
2.LORENA B6.157,0099,3618,0010,00
3.VALME B6.157,0099,3618,0010,00
4.SPABUNKER VEINTIUNO4.280,0082,0716,257,60
5.SPABUNKER VEINTIDOS4.280,0082,0716,257,60
6.SPABUNKER CINCUENTA4.215,0084,8316,257,60
7.SPABUNKER CINCUENTAYUNO4.215,0084,8316,257,60
8.SPABUNKER TREINTA4.215,0084,8316,257,60
9.SPABUNKER UNO4.200,0076,5016,006,80
10.PANABUNKER ONCE4.200,0076,5016,006,80
11.SPABUNKER CUARENTAYUNO3.772,0072,1016,006,80
12.SPABUNKER CUARENTA3.478,0073,1316,257,60
15.SPABUNKER SESENTA2.544,0063,9916,257,60


Town Address
Algeciras See map Avda Virgen del Carmen, 15 - 6ª · 11201 Algeciras(España) · Tel.: 956 65 00 11 · Fax: 956 65 06 59
Ceuta See map Avda Compañía del Mar, s/n. Poblado Marinero de Ceuta, 34 · 51001 Ceuta(España) · Tel.: 956 51 51 85 · Fax: 956 51 17 44
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria See map Avda de las Petrolíferas, s/n - Parcela C14 - Edificio Boluda · 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria(España) · Tel.: 928218850 · Fax: 928218847
Santa Cruz de Tenerife See map Carretera San Andrés, 1, Muelle del Bufadero · 38180 Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Santa Cruz de Tenerife(España) · Tel.: 922 47 25 00 · Fax: 922 47 25 36
República de Panamá
Town Address
Balboa See map Avda. Willianson Place. Edif. 0756 · Balboa - Panamá(República de Panamá) · Tel.: +507 211 11 11 · Fax: +507 211 31 20

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