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Boluda Corporación Marítima

Boluda Corporación Marítima

Boluda Corporación Marítima, a leading company in the shipping industry, is currently one of the most important companies in global shipping services. With a presence on the entire Spanish coast and in Portugal, France, Italy, West Africa and Latin America, the corporation has a hand in nearly every area the industry consists of, offering clients integrated service from its many divisions: Boluda Lines (overseas shipping), Boluda Tankers (petroleum product shipping), Boluda Terminales Marítimas (port management), Boluda Towage and Salvage (towing and salvage service) and Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding (consignment, freight forwarding, overland shipping, logistics and warehousing).

Quality and The Environment

Over one hundred years of working from the sea has made respecting the environment an irrefutable premise in Boluda Corporación Marítima’s philosophy. Caring and protecting the marine environment has been a fundamental part of our company’s sustainability policy since its inception. Quality management, operational safety and the implementation of measures to bolster the preservation of the environment (minimizing waste, non-polluting materials, clean and efficient technology, the reduction of the effects our activities make on the environment...) form part of the group’s day-to-day operations and back up our commitment to the marine environment. Because we live from the sea, and thanks to her, we are who we are.

Humanitarian aid

At Boluda Corporación Marítima, we collaborate on an ongoing basis with projects that support our social commitment to those less fortunate. In the actions we take on through international cooperation and collaboration agreements with NGOs, we extend our services by loading the material and providing the transport for the humanitarian aid on our containers and ships on route to Third World countries.

Towage, salvage and offshore

Towing is the activity that can be traced back to the very roots of our company. From our beginnings in 1920, we have dedicated our efforts to consolidating this division and we have garnered the solid experience that has converted us into an undisputed leader in the towage business both nationally and internationally.


Shipping has become an alternative to overland transport and has consolidated as yet another link in the logistics chain. Through a long list of maritime routes, we can respond to our customers’ overseas shipping needs by providing them with quality, integrated service.

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Activities and links

  • Towage and salvage

    Specialists in towing services, we provide assistance in more than forty ports and harbours in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

  • Shipping lines

    Our shipping sea routes connect the entire Spanish coastline with the Canary Islands and the main ports of entry in Italy, Portugal, Mauritania, Senegal and Morocco.

  • Tankers

    Our fifteen latest-generation oil tankers have made us leaders in the fuel supply industry and one of the top companies in Europe.

  • Maritime terminals

    We take part in managing several port terminals by making investments to upgrade and modernize facilities in order to best streamline and maximize our resources.

  • Ships agency & forwarding

    A wide range of integrated services including consignment, forwarding, shipping agencies, customs, overland service, warehousing and distribution, logistics and consulting.

  • Expert report
    and insurance

    Our purely register action has been expanded along the west coast of Africa, being official registers for many fleets of fishing and cargo.

  • Road Transport

    Boluda Corporación Marítima, offers road transport services in all peninsula and Canary Islands.

  • Logistics

    Complete solution for the stockage, the location, the manipulation and the distribution of goods.


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