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Our shipping division dedicated to transporting goods. With a quick efficient fleet, Boluda Lines operates on several commercial routes uniting the Iberian peninsula, the Canary Islands, Italy and the West African coast. On the ground, our offices located in the largest cities attend to our customers’ specific needs by offering them personalized service from port to port for all types of cargo including dry and refrigerated goods.

Boluda Lines also counts on its Project Cargo services, which is special cargo transport for roll-on goods, heavy equipment, helicopters, vessels, cranes, pipes and any other type of high-volume operation requiring special handling or complex logistics.


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  • Valencia
    Paseo de Caro, s/n
    Telf.: 96 306 02 00
  • Madrid
    Capitán Haya, 21
    Telf.: 91 418 36 00
  • Las Palmas
    Avda. de las petrolíferas, s/n
    Telf.: 928 21 88 00

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